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I'm building a product that helps you find the best pricing for your SaaS
Try different prices with no headache, less risk, more upside. Get real data on which pricing is best. Educated decisions, not a guesstimates.
Show different prices based on your website's viewer country. E.g. $9/mo in India, $29/mo in US, $24/mo in France. Stop leaving money on the table.
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If you run a SaaS or a Micro-SaaS, this is for you. 

We need to talk about 2 never-ending SaaS problems: pricing and pricing.

Problem 1

You might need to charge more, yes. Perhaps you’re leaving money on the table. Perhaps increasing the price leads to: 

Better-quality customers that will value what you do in a better way 
Fewer customer support tickets
More revenue you can pour into making your product better, which reinforces the whole thing
(Optional: you get to time-independence faster)

But what if it doesn’t turn out to be right?

In fact, what if lowering prices is actually the way to go? 

What if, in fact, you would get more users if you charge less? 
What if the amount of $$$ you forego will be less than the extra money you get from the extra number of users? Thus getting more revenue?
And hey, let’s not forget… if you charge less, more people get to know about your product. Then they can tell more people, which reinforces the whole thing 

The correct answer is: there is no universal answer.

You either guesstimate pricing once, or you keep guesstimating it until you get closer to… what might seem the best way.

But is it the best way? We rationalise that it is, but we can’t know for sure. And not everybody gets to this point.

I believe that's a problem worth fixing.

Problem 2

And then there’s this other thing: the internet connects all of us, from all countries: lower-income and higher-income countries.

If you’re from a higher-income country, sure, you’re getting the revenue you need to get out of your customers, so you can make your product better. But you know, deep down inside at least, that you could do just as fine with charging less for those who can’t afford it.

Or maybe it’s the other way around: you’ve built your product for lower incomes, but… surely higher-income countries would pay more (Double? Triple? Who knows?) for the same product. The problem is, you don’t want to give up what you already have — you would bet the company if you would try that.

But you know you might be leaving money on the table either way.

I mean hey: Apple, Spotify, Netflix etc — they all do this. Why? Because sooner or later they’ve discovered they’re leaving money on the table if they don’t do it.

I believe that’s a problem worth fixing as well.

The ideal shape

Your SaaS product exists in today’s shape. In a parallel universe, there is a better shape of your company: that’s if you would have known everything. Alas, we’re human. And I don’t know how we would be able to get you to your perfect shape of your company. 

But I do know how we can help you get to the perfect shape of your pricing page — and I think it is worth doing that, since it’s one of the most impactful pieces of a business. Pricing defines your business. 

That perfect shape of your pricing page exists (somewhere, in a parallel universe), but it’s locked.

Price Unlock does… well you got it now. It unlocks that shape. It solves the two problems I've mentioned before.

I'm building this for my own product(s), as well as a product that will help you increase growth and help you find the best pricing for your SaaS.

I'd love to tell you more about it, as we build it.

And build it for your PriceUnlock as well.

— Ch Daniel, Founder of the CH Group

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How will it work? Is it going to be a bespoke service where we “apply to read a case study”, “jump on a call”, have us just “circling back” to see if you saw our email, sign a contract, blah blah blah?
No. PriceUnlock will be sold in a software-as-a-service model - install some code on your app+website, get a dashboard from us, unlock your best pricing.

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Free? Paid? How much?
We’re aiming to offer a very fair deal: first few conversions on us (free), rest of it is paid. This way, PriceUnlock pays for itself first, and then it’s charging you a flat fee/mo.

We’re still unlocking our own prices and we’re working as hard as possible to set the logistics of these free conversions on us.
We’re still computing all the 14,000,605 future versions of your SaaS to find the best shape of your pricing.

But hey, we’ll update you via email if you want to know when we’re done! Use the form above.


APRIL 2020
PriceUnlock is built in public!
🏅 Are you a fellow builder in public? Reach out to me on Twitter (button above) for an exclusive video walk-through of how PriceUnlock looks and works!
PriceUnlock has now got a presentation page! Click here to see it.