Find & set the perfect pricing for your SaaS
Stop leaving money (and growth %s) on the table. Run pricing tests with
less risk and more upside
. Charge different prices 
based on the user's country.
you looked
How will it work?
As easy as pie. PriceUnlock was built to simplify a very complex and arduous process, so we've made it headache-free for you.
Step 1: Connect to Stripe and Analytics
Click a few buttons, connect to Stripe and to Google Analytics.
Step 2: Copy a simple snippet of code
This snippet of code will deliver the correct pricing for each user that you have. Geolocalization of users, Anti-VPN measures, etc — this is all taken care of.
No-code compatible!
Step 3: Paste the snippet
Paste this snippet of code wherever your prices are displayed: "Pricing" page, "billing" section of the app, etc.

We'll show and charge the correct amount for each user.
No-code compatible!
Step 4: Use the PriceUnlock dashboard
Congrats! You're ready to increase revenues by ~30% now! 
So... what's next?
PriceUnlock is being built (in public) as we speak. We're doing our best to launch it ASAP, but we need to make sure it works flawlessly. Follow the "Build In Public" story, subscribe below for updates, or check out our initial announcement letter!
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