Ch Group's Privacy Policy

We’ll describe below the agreement in which the Ch Group's software products (“our company”, “our service”, "our services", "our products", "our product", “our site”) and its users are.

Identity & access

When you sign up for our products, we may ask for the following: your name, email address, location(s), preferences about our product, billing address. That’s just so:

  1. You can personalize your account
  2. We can let our third parties check whether there’s a connection between your billing address and your card information
  3. We can send you invoices, updates, or other essential information. 

When you pay for our product, we ask for your credit card and billing address. That’s so we can charge you for service, calculate taxes due, and send you invoices. Your credit card is passed directly to our payment processor and doesn’t ever go through our servers. We store a record of the payment transaction, including the last 4 digits of the credit card number, for account history, invoicing, and billing support. We store your billing address to detect fraudulent credit card transactions and to print on your invoices.

When you write our company with a question or to ask for help, we’ll keep that correspondence, and the email address, for future reference. When you browse our marketing pages, we’ll track that for statistical purposes (like conversion rates and to test new designs). We also store any information you volunteer, like surveys, for as long as it makes sense.

The only times we’ll ever share your info:

Your Rights With Respect to Your Information

GDPR gives people under its protection certain rights with respect to their personal information collected by us on the Site. Accordingly, Basecamp recognizes and will comply with GDPR and those rights, except as limited by applicable law. The rights under GDPR include:

Many of these rights can be exercised by signing in and directly updating your account information.

Processors we use

As part of the services we provide, and only to the extent necessary, we may use certain third party processors to process some or all of your personal information. We have signed appropriate data processing contracts that comply with GDPR with each processor.

Law enforcement

The Ch Group won’t hand your data over to law enforcement unless a court order says we have to. We’ll always let you know when such requests are made, unless the law specifically forbids us from doing so.

Security & Encryption

All data is encrypted via SSL/TLS when transmitted from our servers to your browser. We’re doing the best we can to secure your data properly.

Deleted data

When you cancel your account, we’ll ensure that nothing is stored on our servers past 30 days. Anything you delete on your account while it’s active will also be purged within 30 days (up until then it’s available in the trash can).

Location of Site and Data

This website is operated in the United Kingdom. If you are located outside the United Kingdom, please be aware that any information you provide to us will be transferred to the United Kingdom. By using our website, participating in any of our services and/or providing us with your information, you consent to this transfer.

Changes & questions

We may update this policy every once in a while — we’ll notify you about significant changes by emailing the account owner or by placing a prominent notice on our site. You can access, change or delete your personal information at any time by contacting our support team.