An internal tool for companies that are transparently honest
Without Synergy, decisions made by your team are either the average result of a vote or they're taken by someone higher in the hierarchy (which doesn't always mean they are the best person to make the decision). With Synergy, you access the wisdom of the crowd: the peak-performance version of your team is now making decisions.
The problem with "transparency" within teams
Companies like to beat their own drum about how they value communication and transparency, but most of the time that just makes things more convoluted: it can quickly develop into "office politics".

Yes, if we all speak clearly and honestly to each other and separate personal from professional, we'll all improve at a faster rate. But that almost never gets implemented in the way we imagined it.

Here's another problem: people are hired for their skill. But when it comes to making important decisions as a company, the decision is dictated by someone's position in the hierarchy, not always by skill. What about the top skills of the people... the reason why they got hired in the first place? Why lose that potential?

Synergy solves all that. It allows people to be transparently honest in the best way possible (i.e. without baggage). And here's more: once teammates do that, the best skills out of each person can impact a decision more, while their weakest skills have a lower impact on a decision.

When you use Synergy, you access the peak-performance version of each teammate. Curious to find out how?
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