Here's the deal
We're still building Synergy, as we want to get it right. But you can pre-order Synergy: be part of our early supporters and we'll return the favour with a fair offer.

Here is how our pricing plans are going to look like when Synergy is launched, along with the deal we're offering for pre-orders:
Monthly Plan
Unlimited seats
Full access to all features
Meritocratic voting sessions
Democratic voting sessions
Portraits for teammates
3D View Portrait function
Premium Plan
/month, billed yearly
Unlimited seats
Full access to all features
Meritocratic voting sessions
Democratic voting sessions
Portraits for teammates
3D View Portrait function
Try it risk free for 30 days, with our no-hassle, money-back guarantee
You're saving 17%, as 2 months are free on this plan
Pre-Order Synergy
/month, for the 1st year
Unlimited seats
Full access to all features
Meritocratic voting sessions
Democratic voting sessions
Portraits for teammates
3D View Portrait function
No-hassle, money-back guarantee (more information below)
Save ~50% for the 1st year with our pre-order (billed yearly)
Only 100
FAQ: Pre-orders
So what's the deal with pre-ordering?
To put it down in black and white, our pre-order deal is: you will pay $25/mo (instead of $49/mo, the price we'll charge when we release), billed yearly, for the first year. That adds up to a total of $300. So you'll save $288 with our offer. Once Synergy is launched, you'll be the first to have full access to it.
Do I have to pay more for each teammate that I add?
No. You can add as many people as you want. 10, 100 or 1000 people — we won't charge you extra. You've got unlimited seats. You will only have to pay more if you want to have more than one leader in a team.
What are "leaders"?
Leaders are the owners of the paid account. They're the only ones who can create vote sessions, edit/add attributes for the portraits and add/edit team members.

Most teams (especially small ones) work perfectly with just one leader.
Will I be able to cancel my pre-order?
At any point before our launch, simply email us if you've changed your mind and we'll refund your money with no hesitation. If you haven't used your pre-order after we've launched and would like your money back, we'll refund it with no hesitation.

If after we've launched you want your money back, we'll refund with no hesitation within 30 days. Sounds fair?
Do you guys even refund my money? How do I know you won't just run away with it?
We also run Layered Ink and Legit Check By Ch. On the latter, we have millions of users and thousands of customers. We're hoping these two, along with years of writing and creation of other products will prove our validity. Besides, there's always a card chargeback option if we don't deliver (obviously, we will deliver).
When will Synergy be launched?
We can say we're "working as hard as we can currently — and all that corporate BS. But the truth is we're of course aiming to release it as soon as possible. Our current estimate is late Q4 2020, but we keep in touch with our early supporters who pre-ordered Synergy and our subscribers. You'll be up to date with the latest news.
What else?
That was it in regards to pre-ordering. Got more questions? We'll happily answer them for you. Now back to our presentation that might make you like Synergy.
Imagine tomorrow you'll hire an executive.

This executive does 4 main things for your company.
They'll have 1-on-1 session with every single teammate
In those sessions, your teammates grade each other's traits (like creativity, efficiency, etc) from a scale of 1 to 10.  Your executive sits there quietly and asks the right questions.
They will then make a professional "portrait" of each teammate of yours
Based on the grades they've received from everyone else, averages are calculated for each trait.
Grades change in time across these 1-on-1 sessions
Grades change in time across these 1-on-1 sessions, so your executive faithfully changes these grades and re-calculates the portraits (the averages of the grades for each and every attribute) all the time.
Finally, when a decision is made has to be made within the company, this executive shows you the wisdom of the crowd
When your company has an important decision to take, your executive organises vote sessions. Upon centralising all the votes, Synergy shows you two sets of results.
The democratic vote result is the one you're used to: how many people voted for "Yes" and how many people voted for "No" are counted.
Every vote is weighed by the relevant attributes. Is a person with empathy better equiped to make a decision here? Then the vote of person who's 8 for creativity (voted by their colleagues) will be "heavier" in this vote
The important question is:
How much would the salary of this executive cost you?

$100,000 per year? $200,000 per year if you live in a city where talent is more expensive?
Here's the good news
Synergy's "salary" is as low as $49/mo $25/mo with our pre-order offer.

And if you're not sure it's helping you, we have a no-hassle, 30-day money back guarantee.