We are the CH Group
We create tools that help remote teams innovate.
Layered Ink
A new way to write, learn and (perhaps) even think
This product is coming soon! Stay tuned!
A tool for companies that are transparently honest
Why a group? What is this anyway?
We were about to built a too-complicated software tool which had 3 convoluted ideas combined into 1.

That would've been too tangled up. We like simple things.

We're not fans of "soup products" in which you get lost. Software is meant to make thing easier. Software is not meant to make you ask yourself "How did I get to this screen?"

The real question is: how did we get to a world where software products are too entangled and need la thick instruction manual? Why is it needed to read these instruction manuals before being able to use the product? We kept asking ourselves this and found the answer: these products are trying to do too many things at once.

The products we love fit like a glove. You can only have a software tool that is easy to understand when it fits like a glove. So we made 3 individual, fully-focused products that fit like a glove.
Read our Principles
What you read earlier is one of our core tenets. We don't know exactly why we didn't go for the 3-in-1 approach, because our predisposition against it came naturally.

So we spent some time trying to put our Principles down on paper. We've written 15. If you're reading this specific sentence, it means we haven't lost you. Chances are, we might even think the same.

Why should you care about our Principles? We haven't written them because we want to earn "corporate brownie points". Rather so that you can know what to expect from us, the makers of these tools: if we think the same, you might even know what to expect in the future from us.
Read our Principles
This is what drives us.
Call it "Mission" if you want.
Just like we've mentioned, we like simple things, so we'll put it simply. The standard of living is increasing in the world. As a consequence, more and more people will:
Work remotely
Work on projects where they own equity
Become innovators
It's never been easier for innovators to improve the human species as a civilisation. So our mission is simple: enable more innovators to innovate.