We are the CH Group
We are a holding company. We are building the following products you'll see below.
For the software industry:
Layered Ink
A writing tool that presents a new way to write, learn and (perhaps) even think
Price Unlock
Find the best pricing for your SaaS by not leaving money on the table anymore
A tool that allows the peak-performance version of your team make decisions
For the fashion industry (streetwear/high-end designer):
Legit Check By Ch (Parent Company)
The powerhouse for the industry's authentications: fake vs real comparison guides + authentication services
Legit Check By Ch Price Comparison
Pick an item: we’ve found the best price for you.
Legit Check By Ch Organizer
Resell smarter (not just harder) and keep more of your profits
We're building with a philosophy. We've tried documenting our philosophy in 15 principles.
Read our Principles