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Before Layered Ink: you’ll (maaybe) give a short preview of what you’re about to write, and then you’re diving into writing a +1,000 word essay. Not everyone commits to a long read. Some prefer tweets because they're easier to pick up and drop. Enter Layered Ink: readers actually understand what you’re explaining and end up reading more of your writing. Your essays are as easy to pick up as a tweet, but explain the full picture, step by step.
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Every essay wrote with Layered Ink is structured on layers.
Have you ever written a long essay?
Here’s the problem. Everyone is in a hurry. We can’t commit to a +3-minute-read. So what do people do? They cosume 10-sec stories and 280-characters tweets. Why? Less time commitment. If only there was a way to pick up and drop essays with more ease.
Here’s another problem: when we (actually learn), we go from simple ideas to complex concepts (from layer to layer). We don’t go straight to multiplication - we learn numbers, then addition, then multiplication, etc. If only there was a way to structure essays from simple to complex, so as to not leave any reader behind...
Last one for now: everyone’s got a bottom “layer” they’re ready to go to. Sometimes you just need the basics (say level 1). Other times you’re ready to go into the nitty-gritty: say level 5. Some people, though, are researchers and go as deep as possible: level 10 — and they might invent level 11. If only there was a way to deliver the basics (in a few words), the extended idea (thousands of words), and everything in-between...
Here’s the great news: there is a way. Take a deeper look at how Layered Ink works.
Readers spend more time and understand more of what you say when you write with Layered Ink.
The human brain is wired to understand concepts on levels. Write your ideas on levels. Writers, teachers, bloggers, educators, creatives and managers around the world are switching to Layered Ink to fundamentally improve the way they explain their ideas.
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