Allow more readers to understand your writing
Layered Ink is the more precise way to explain your ideas to people. Here’s how you would go about writing an essay with Layered Ink.
Click “New Essay”
Once you sign up, you'll start a new essay in one click.
Start writing everything that’s on your mind. Write as much as you want about your topic. This is your “full version” of your essay.
Your read time is auto-calculated based on the number of words you’ll write.
Click the green button. This will create a new layer.
Now you’ll have to cut down on words — this way you’ll “distill” your essay into a shorter version. The difference between your previous layer and this shorter layer will be shown to the readers in blue ink.
Repeat step 3 until you’ve reached the “purest” form of your essay.
The shortest form of your essay will usually be a 1-minute-read, which does not require too much time commitment from your readers. Like a tweet. But it still transmits the core idea behind your essay.
Publish your essay and share your link to it
Your readers will start reading the shortest version available and they’ll be prompted to see the next layers, one by one. From simple to complex.
Layered Ink and layered writing are built on two principles
Principle One
When we actually learn, we go from simple to complex. If you read something that’s too far ahead of you (and your level of interest. Or willingness to read. And your time), you’ll lose interest.

However, tweets that are 280-characters long are more attractive. Why? They require less commitment. They’re layer 1 or 2 — they give the idea in a nutshell.

Essays? They usually present only one layer.
Principle Two
All of us have a tolerance for what layer we need when it comes to a subject. When it comes to coding:
  1. My mom is fine with layer 1 - all she needs to know is that it’s “what makes computers run”
  2. I’m a graphic designer. I need layer 5: I want to know the basics so as to know what can and can not be built. Maaybe I’ll tolerate layer 6 but that’s about it.
  3. My friend is a freelance developer. He’s willing to read as far as layer 30. And he might even invent layer 31 one day. He’s going as deep as possible.
Books have a layer 1 (the synopsis on the back of the book) and the max layer — the full read. Tweets only have the 1st layer. Essays (usually) show the max layer. What about the in-between layers?
Readers spend more time and understand more of what you say when you write with Layered Ink.
The human brain is wired to understand concepts on levels. Write your ideas on levels. Writers, teachers, bloggers, educators, creatives and managers around the world are switching to Layered Ink to fundamentally improve the way they explain their ideas.
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